The Lodge at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

A fixture in the Laurel Highlands for over half a century, The Lodge at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is one of the nation’s most exciting vacation getaways. Guests who stay at The Lodge will discover a near endless array of interesting attractions that will provide for hours of entertainment. Several sensational outdoor activity centers call the resort home, like the Nemacolin Field Club and the Wildlife Academy. Open year-round, these electrifying venues grant for wonderful opportunities to experience the majesty of the surrounding Laurel Highlands. The resort is also the site of many fabulous indoor recreation facilities, such as upscale storefronts, art galleries, and a brand new casino. Dozens of impressive historic landmarks reside just a short distance from the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort as well, including Fort Necessity and the Flight 93 National Memorial. Without a doubt, The Lodge and its resort are both amazing places to visit.

Nemacolin Field Club
Occupying some 140-acres of the Laurel Highlands, the resort’s amazing Nemacolin Field Club is among the nation’s finest locations for sporting clays and fly fishing. The club often holds its own professional competitions, and features many generous adventure packages for guests staying at the resort.

The Adventure Center
The Adventure Center is at the heart of the resort’s many rewarding outdoor activities. This spectacular venue possesses countless games and rides to try, including a zip-line, a climbing wall, and a complex rope course. The Adventure Center even offers classes at its exclusive Off-Road Driving Academy.

Wildlife Academy
Drawing upon the resort’s past as a game reserve, the Wildlife Academy provides a number of live animal exhibits that aim to both educate and entertain. Many rare species are present at the facility, such as bears, lions, and zebras. Guests may even arrange for a special tour of the Wildlife Academy with one of the zookeepers!

Mystic Mountain
During the winter time, Mystic Mountain bristles with life as droves of skiers, snowboarders, and alpinists glide across its snow-covered landscape. It offers six beautiful slopes that vary in difficulty from beginner to expert. The resort also offers private lessons at the mountain for those interested in learning how to navigate its challenging trails.

Lady Luck Casino
Opened in 2016, the Lady Luck Casino is the resort’s newest attraction. With over 600 slot machines and 29 different game tables, this luxurious venue is a destination in and of itself. Here, guests can try their hand at such classics as Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps.

The Heritage Shoppes
Avid shoppers are certain to fall in love with the fantastic outlets that constitute The Heritage Shoppes. Located near The Lodge, these high-end storefronts possess many of today’s preeminent brands, such as Brighton, Vera Bradley, and TOMs.

Fort Necessity
Once a remote fort that guarded the periphery of the Thirteen Colonies, Fort Necessity was the site of the opening clash between Great Britain and France during the French and Indian War. The British forces were led by a young George Washington, who was soundly defeated in the ensuing fight. But while the Battle of Fort Necessity ended in disaster for Washington and his allies, it would be the French who would ultimately lose the conflict.

Flight 93 National Memorial
The Flight 93 National Memorial pays tribute to the passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93, who sacrificed their lives to stop the aircraft from crashing into the U.S. Capitol on 9/11. The site of their final resting place, this national landmark features a powerfully evocative white marble wall called the “Wall of Names” that honors the deceased.